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Lavender Seeds

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Although commonly referred to as “English”
lavender, its origins are in the mountains of Northern Spain and the western
Mediterranean region. It has been cultivated as an ornamental and medicinal
plant for centuries. 

When in bloom, the sweet smelling blossoms attract
butterflies and are said to repel deer. It can be used in a moon garden to add
texture and fragrance.

Use caution when planting other fragrant plants near
lavender as it can sometimes be overpowered by other scented flowers. Once
established, lavender does well in low water, drought conditions and can
tolerate low temperatures. It does not do well in heavy, continually wet soils

Historically, lavender has been medicinally for various
ailments, either in the form of an oil or as an herbal tea, as an aromatic,
carminative and nervine.  It was used as
a condiment to “comfort the stomach,” as a component sent of
various perfumes, and as a massage and aroma therapy oil.  Dried lavender flowers are used in sachets as
a moth repellent

***Cold stratification for 30 days is highly recommended for lavender seeds if planting in the spring versus the fall. We have not done this process and you will need to be do this on your end***

Lavender can be a slow germer. Germination in 14-30 days, maturity in 180 days

Collected: 9/23

Germination: 85%.

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Lavender Seeds


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