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Eggplant Seeds

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Eggplant Seeds | Green Thai Eggplant, Petch Siam Eggplant Seeds | NON-GMO

Common Names: Thai Baby Eggplant, Green Brinjal, Petch Siam, Thai Eggplant
Botanical Name: Solanum Melongena
Eggplant Flavor: Slightly bitter
Soil Type: Loamy, Well-drained
Light Preference: Full Sun
Temperature Preference: 70-90°F
Days to Germination: 7-14 Days around 85°F
Days to Maturity: 40 – 50 Days
Sow Method: Direct Sow, Transplant
Planting Time: Sow Seeds early Spring 
Plant Height: 36″ 
Seed Depth: 1/4″
Plant Spacing: Approx.  24″ apart

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Eggplants are best grown in full sun. Choose a location that receives about 6 hours of full sun each day.

Thai eggplant seedlings should be planted 24″ apart. If soil was well prepared no extra fertilizer should be necessary. In poor soil or to give your plants an extra boost, application of a balanced fertilizer or one formulated for fruit and vegetables can be beneficial. When growing Thai eggplant, keep the plants consistently damp; don’t let the soil dry out.

Eggplants need regular watering during the growing season. Water when the soil is dry about 5cm below the surface (test this by scratching away a little soil with your finger). Water deeply in the early morning or late afternoon. Avoid watering the leaves of plants to avoid fungal diseases. 

Eggplants can be grown as annuals or short-lived perennials. In tropical and subtropical climates plants will grow and fruit year-round. In temperate and cool climates plants are usually grown as warm-season annuals. To grow plants as perennials in cool climates, grow them in a sheltered position and protect them from frost OR overwinter plants by potting them up and placing them in a sheltered position, pruning plants hard in early winter and removing any damaged foliage in spring.

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Eggplant Seeds


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