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Chaubaud Mix French Carnation Flower Seeds

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 Up for sale is one pack of approximately 25 Chaubaud Mix French Carnation seeds.  Perfect for summer blooms these flowers are double petaled flowers that create large 3″ blooms in a variety of colors in mostly solid colors.  

French Carnations are Chabaud and Grenadine varieties that are similar to traditional carnations but they have double fringed petaled blooms that give them a fuller appearance.  

PLEASE NOTE: The U.S. Postal Service is running very slow on deliveries, and shipments that would normally take 2-3 days are taking up to 7-10 business days.  We have no control on how long they take to deliver.  If you need your seeds by a certain time we do offer 2 day upgraded shipping with the U.S. Postal Service.  

Germination Instructions

Soil temperature: 70 degrees fahrenheit
Germination lighting: Light required
Depth: 1/8 inches
Germination days: 10 days
Plant spread: 20 inches
Plant height:  24”
Seed Count: 25

Treat as a tender perennial in zones 5-6 and an annual in 7-9.  In spring loosen enriched garden soil to a fine consistency down to a 6″ depth.  Carnations prefer a higher PH in the 6.5 to 7 range, but will also grow in PH levels down to 6.  Carnations dislike soggy conditions so place in them in a raised garden bed.  It’s best to start carnations in pots 8 weeks before your last frost as they take some time to mature enough to create flowers and dislike hot summer weather.  They require light to germinate so sow on the surface and very lightly dust with sand, vermiculite, or peat.  While young keep plants cool and once they are 6″ tall pinch out the center to encourage bushy growth.  Transplant to the garden after you last frost.  In mild zones you can direct seed in the garden in spring but it is possible they will not have flowers their first year.  

Once in the garden, and they get over developed and start to show decline,  divide and transplant.

Chaubaud Mix French Carnation ...


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