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75+Datura Inoxia Moon Flowers Seeds

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also called Moon Flowers, Angel’s Trumpets, and Devil’s Trumpets

Huge White, Fragrant Blooms with no rust.  The parent plant is 64 years old.  I don’t use fertilizer or pesticides.  
My grandmother planted these flowers in 1959.   It reseeds easily to provide a summer’s worth of many fragrant blooms among a gray-green foliage.  The datura will bloom from early summer and on into late autumn.  The spiny seedpods are called “sputniks” by some gardeners.

Over the years, I have occasionally entered this flower into shows, and have won “Best of Show” twice with it.
The height of these plants can reach 36 to 48 inches, so they are great for dressing up bare walls or hiding unattractive spots.   Grown in a container, they will still look nice, bloom profusely and yield mature seeds.  

Daturas belong to the nightshade family, just like tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco and peppers and all parts of the plant, including seeds, are poisonous.

Thank you for looking at my listing.

75+Datura Inoxia Moon Flowers ...


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