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50+Green Malabar Spinach Seeds

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50+ Organic Green Malabar
Spinach seeds(Basella alba) Mong Toi Mu er cai Ceylon spinach Vine Spinach USA

Malabar spinach, it is
known as Ceylon spinach, Indian spinach, vine spinach and climbing spinach. It
is called spinach even though it is not related to spinach because the flavor
is similar, slightly peppery with a hint of citrus.
Malabar spinach is
usually eaten raw in salads. When cooked, it can become slimy like Okra.

Nevertheless, it is often used in stir fries, soups and as pot herb for stews.
The stems are mucilaginous and are used as a thickening agent.


Soak the Malabar
spinach seeds overnight to soften hard seed coat. Gardeners in zone 7 and
warmer can direct sow their Malabar seeds in their gardens 2 – 3 weeks after
their last frost date when the soil has warmed. Tropical seeds will not
germinate in cold soil. The seeds germinate best when the soil is between 65°F and 75°f.
Plant your seeds ½ inch deep. You can
look for germination in about 3 weeks. Thin your seedlings to 12 inches apart.


Malabar spinach needs
full sun and rich, well-drained soil. It also likes hot weather, 80s and 90s.
Below 80°F growth
of your vines will slow.

Keep the soil
constantly moist. If it starts to dry out, the vines will develop their
flowers. If the plants flower, the leaves become bitter. Some gardeners grow
Malabar spinach as an ornamental plant, so flowering wouldn’t be a concern and
might actually add to the attractiveness of the plant.

A balanced slow
release fertilizer is best for this plant. Sprinkle some on the soil when you
plant your seedlings. Or if you direct sowed your seed, after the seedlings
have developed their first set of true leaves.

Because this is a
vine, you will need to provide support for it. It will grow equally well on a
trellis, a fence, an arbor or a hanging basket. Count on your vine growing to
least 6 feet when grown as an annual and 30 feet when grown as a perennial in
tropical climates.


Wait until summer
when your vine has enough foliage to maintain growth to begin harvesting. This
is conveniently when your regular spinach will be petering out. Once summer has
arrived, you can harvest leaves from your vine. Don’t completely denude it. Leave
at least 1/3 of the leaves on the plant.

50+Green Malabar Spinach Seeds


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