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50+ Cardinal Hummingbird Climber Seeds

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We are proud to welcome you to The Green Grove Garden. We were active plant propagators and Nursery owners for a number of years specializing in the production of plant plugs and seedlings for our on farm use. We have learned a great deal about seedling production, proper storage, handling and identification of quality seeds to be able to offer you the finest and freshest seeds available. Here is another of our prized offerings:


* Ipomoea Quamoclit or Cardinal Vine is known by several names including: Hummingbird Vine, Cypress Vine, Morning Glory, Cardinal Creeper.

* Cardinal climber is an extremely fast growing deciduous vine that is native to South America and flourishes in warm temperatures.

* It has trumpet shaped leaves which make it ideal for pollinators like hummingbirds and bees.

* If you keep this vine evenly moist and provide a moisture retentive soil mix, it’ll thrive and even create a quick, natural privacy screen for you.

* It is actually a cross between the Cypress Vine and Morning Glory plant.  This hybrid vigor makes this plant very disease resistant in the landscape and a fast grower.

* It is quite deer resistant and can survive other pest pressures quite well.

* The Cardinal Vine can withstand dry, drought like conditions but will do best with constant, even moisture.

*  The Cardinal Vine would be fantastic on an Arbor, Trellis, Deck, Patio or rambling along other structures around the home.

* It has very ornamental feathery foliage that resembles a fern.  The distinctive foliage combined with the unusual trumpet shaped flowers make for a great plant!


Sunlight –Full

Days to Germination-14-21 and a warm water soak for 24-36 hours before seeding will improve germination.

Sowing-Direct or Indoors

Days to Maturity-~50

Sowing Depth-1/4″  for germination

We also offer numerous other complementary herbs, vegetables and flowers for the garden. Check out our other items for additional varieties of flowers! We periodically run various specials so please look to see if we have any volume discounts available.

Customer Service:

Your success is our success. If you feel like you cannot leave us a 5 star rating or if you have any issues with your order, like damaged or wrong items etc…just send us a note and we’ll promptly resolve the issue for you. 

Combined Shipping:

Seeds are packaged in a small poly bag. In an effort to keep costs low, and pass the savings onto you, we do not offer specific planting directions on seed packets. If you cannot locate planting instructions for your specific conditions, contact us and we’ll do our best to instruct you on the proper methods.  

Be sure to check out our fantastic selection of other items and specials. 

Thank-you for your support!


50+ Cardinal Hummingbird Climb...


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