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1000+Season Romaine Lettuce Seeds

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1000+All Season Romaine Lettuce Seeds Italian Yearly Lettuce Cold/heat Tolerance Lettuce USA

The Italian Yearly Lettuce is crisp, flavorful, and has the highest nutritional value.Upright plants form 8-10 inch neatly folded heads of lettuce with light green leaves and a creamy white heart. It’s a very late bolt lettuce, easy to grow and can be grown in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Cold/heat tolerance. Ideal for fresh salads or a sweet, crisp addition to sandwiches, stir fry, hotpot veggies. 

Sow and Grow

Lettuce seeds can be directly sown in the garden, or started indoors 3 to 4 weeks before transplanting. Sow approximately 1/8″ deep, or just under the soil surface, as lettuce seeds require light exposure for germination. Plant or sow in rows that are 1-1/2′ apart and transplant or thin seedlings to 12″ apart.

Lettuce plants require about an inch (2.5 cm.) of water per week for optimal growth. If growing lettuce during the hot summer months, they will require extra water to prevent bolting. Keeping the soil cool and moist with layers of mulch or straw will also help it grow through difficult weather.


Mature in about 65-70 days.This is a romaine variety with light green leaves and a cream to white heart. It forms vase-shaped heads which can grow up to 10 inches (25 cm.) tall. However, its outer leaves are usually harvested as needed for garden fresh salads or a sweet, crisp addition to sandwiches, rather than the whole head being harvested at once.

1000+Season Romaine Lettuce Se...


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