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1000 Mix Cosmos Flower Seeds 11 Colors

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Cosmos flowers are grown as an annual flowering plant. Annuals such as the Cosmos flower will grow quickly from fresh annual flower seeds, blooming profusely through the summer months, up until the first killing frost.

They grow in both beds and containers—and they also make great cut flowers!

Cosmos is one of the easiest flowers to grow from seed that is directly sown in the garden bed.

The mix contains the following: Bright lights (orange and yellow) Purity (white) Pink, Radiance, Dazzler, Seashells, Sensation mix, Gloria, Picotee, Candystripe, Daydream
For best planting results, sow 6 cosmos seeds per plant and space 24 inches apart
Grow as an annual garden plant USDA Zones 3 – 10
Latin Name: Cosmos bipinnatus Species Origin: Mexico Type: Garden Flowers Life Cycle: Annual
The plants, once established will raise to a varying height of about 18 to 60 inches tall. The plants themselves consist of one large stem that shoots straight up, displaying several smaller stems with branches of slender leaves. The flowers are roughly 2 inches in diameter and are at the very tops of the plants.

How to grow: (1) Cosmos seeds should be directly sown into prepared seedbeds outdoors after all danger of frost has passed. For a natural setting, the seeds can be scattered onto the prepared soil. (2) Lightly rake the soil over the seeds at a depth of 1/16 inch and keep the area moist. Under proper conditions, these seeds will germinate in 14-21 days. (3) These plants will self-sow and return the next year if some spent blooms are allowed to remain on the plant. However, deadheading will prolong the bloom season for the current year. Cosmos are annuals, grown for their showy flowers. The flower heads may be bowl– or open cup–shaped and sit atop long stems. Cosmos are easy to grow and make good border or container plants. Cosmos are native to Mexico and require full sun. Cosmos work well as cut flowers and are good container plants. The Cosmos seed is a popular source of food for birds. They do not like extremely rich soil, if fertilized they will often grow too tall and not be able to stabilize themselves. Planting Cosmos and watering them until they are established will yield the highest quality plant. Once they are established they do not need nearly as much water. These flowers thrive in warm weather and in turn do not tolerate cold or wintry climates.

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