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100+ Flower Vine Seeds: Perennial Trumpet Creeper

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100+ FLOWER VINE SEEDS: Perennial Trumpet Creeper (Campsis radicans) Free Shipping
Grow Zones: 5,6,7,8,9
Other Names: Trumpet Vine, Trumpet Creeper, Foxglove Vine
The trumpet creeper is a fast-growing, vigorous woody climbing flower vine that reaches heights around 15 ft. within 6-12 months!
It is both drought tolerant and frost hardy.
Features multi-stemed clinging/attaching vines exhibiting showers of showy orange & red flowers all summer long (June-September).
The sweet nectar from the trumpet-shaped flowers attracts hummingbirds!
After the flower heads drop, bean-like seed pods form on the vine. When the seed pods burst, the winged seeds are dispersed with the wind.
How to Care for Campsis radicans:

C. radican trumpet vine can be grown in most any soil type (chalk, clay, loam and sand). Can be grown in full sun to partial shade. A trellis is recommended. Water regularly. Choose a fertilizer high in phosphorus  to encourage heavy blooming (balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer is recommended). Fertilize in early spring then again early summer for best results.
Germination Procedure: Apply cold stratification for 2 months if not planting for overwintering. Once exposed to cold temperatures to break dormancy, surface sow the seeds. The seeds require sunlight to sprout. Likewise, gently press the seeds overtop pre-moistened soil, taking care not to bury them into the darkness when watering. Keep seeds and soil moist during the germination phase. Germination time: 45-60 days.

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100+ Flower Vine Seeds: Perenn...


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