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Indian Long Bitter Melon Seeds

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The process of sowing bitter melon seeds

gourd is a fast-growing plant, so don’t plant more than one seed in
each pot to have enough room for the roots to spread. Pour potting soil
into a biodegradable starter pot about 13 cm deep, leaving the top 1.8
cm empty. Put bitter melon seeds in the center of the pot, then cover
with a layer of soil 1.2 cm on top, gently harden the seeds and water
deeply for the seeds to settle. suck before sowing.

Bitter gourd
seeds have hard cover and soaking the seeds overnight before sowing will
help the seeds germinate faster. To reduce germination time even
further, you can first sprout the seeds in the jar before sowing. To sow
the seeds, make a recess in the soil about 1.2 cm, place the seeds on
their side and cover with loose soil. Water gently so that the soil does
not dislodge the seeds and keep the soil moist at all times. You can
sow 4 to 5 seeds in a 15-liter pot. Keep 1 to 2 plants in a 15-quart pot
and remove the others when the seedlings have developed at least four
true leaves. Young Bitter gourd plants are sometimes susceptible to
pests and diseases and should be wrapped with aluminum foil when the
Bitter plant is young.
Sowing seeds of bitter gourd

It is best
to sow bitter melon seeds indoors in a pot of sandy, well-drained soil.
Once the seeds germinate, the plants grow quickly, so try to choose a
pot that is more spacious than you can for other plants or you risk
having to constantly repot.

Sow the seeds about 1 cm deep in the
compost. Water the pot thoroughly, and at the same time avoid
waterlogging, which can make the plant stunted. When it comes to bitter
melon plants, good drainage is extremely important.

Steps to sow bitter melon seeds in a barrel

First, get a container of your choice that has a drainage hole in the bottom.

Fill the container with appropriate potting layers and selected potting medium.

Sow about 2 seeds in the center of the pot. In high beds, sow two seeds per pot at about 90 x 90 cm spacings.

Use your fingers to press the seeds a little into the soil medium and cover the surrounding soil completely.

Immediately water the sown bed with a light shower with a watering can.

Germination process of bitter melon seeds

temperature and proper humidity are the keys to the successful
germination of bitter gourd seeds. Place pots about 90 cm from a west or
south facing window, where they will receive direct sunlight during the
day. Warm the pots to 29°C using a sprout mat and cover the pots with
cling film to keep the warmth and moisture near the bitter gourd seeds.
Bitter gourd seeds need constant moisture, but allow the soil to dry
slightly above between waterings to prevent rot and mildew. The first
seedlings can appear in as little as 4 days with most seeds germinating
around day eight.

The process of growing bitter melon from seeds

First, find a sunny spot on your terrace.
Use well-drained, sandy, or loamy soil. A mixture of cow manure and compost will also do wonders for the Bitter Gourd plant.
You can then use Bitter Gourd seeds from any ripe Bitter gourd you
pick up from the vegetable market. Just make sure to use those that are
fully formed. You can use seeds from a previous crop or buy them from
your local nursery. If bitter melon seeds have a red coating, discard.
If necessary, you can soak Bitter Gourd seeds overnight in water before
sowing so that the seeds germinate quickly.
Make holes about
1.2cm deep in the soil and drop Bitter seeds into them. You can leave
about 30cm between the 2 holes. Then cover the holes with soil and
sprinkle some water on top. Sow at least 2 seeds in pots and use at
least 2 gourds to sow bitter melon seeds.
Seeds will begin to
germinate within 2 to 3 days of sowing and flowers will begin to appear
after 5-6 weeks. Bitter gourds will be ready to pick within 3 months of

Care for Bitter Gourd plants

Here are some tips for taking care of Bitter Gourd.

Water the plant deeply at least once a week.
Planting flowers attracts pollinators to a nearby garden. Bitter
gourd plants need pollinators like bees to pollinate flowers.
Cover the growing bed with mulch to keep it moist.
Energize the plant once a month by feeding bellflower tea or a
natural liquid fertilizer or adding plenty of compost around each sedge.
Check your bitter gourd plants for signs of powdery mildew, late
blight, rust, watermelon mosaic virus, bacterial wilt, and cucumber
mosaic virus. Treat plants early if signs of these diseases are
detected. Avoid watering from overhead sprinklers, water plants close to
the ground, avoid water splashing on leaves.

Germinate bitter gourd seeds in a paper towel

to incubate Bitter Gourd seeds, we use tissue or tissue or toilet paper
method. This way saves us many days, Bitter melon seeds will germinate
within 3 to 5 days with this method.

First, you take some bitter melon seeds and soak them in water for at least 12 hours.

Then place them on a paper towel like the one shown here and then spray some water on top.

finally put this in a ziplock polythene bag and keep it in a warm place
like in a nursery counter if you have any placed either under a sink or
closed kitchen counter.

Then you can test after 3 to 5 days for sprouts.

Sprouts start in 5 days and then wait another 3 days before transplanting the sprouts into the bin.

Harvest Bitter Melon

right time to harvest Bitter Gourds is when the pods are green with
light yellow spots, they are usually about 6 inches long. Once fruiting
begins, continuing to pick can become a routine affair, which helps to
prevent the Bitter Gourd plant from becoming overwhelmed.

melon begins to bear fruit quickly after 2 months. Harvest Bitter gourd
fruit is green, slightly pale, unripe and measuring 7.5 to 15 cm
(depending on variety and type). Within 6 to 8 weeks of seed
germination, you should see flowers and in the next 2 to 3 weeks the
fruit will appear and be ready to pick.

Saving bitter gourd seeds

To save bitter gourd seeds for next season, leave a few on each vine
to mature when you harvest. When mature, the bitter gourd fruit turns
yellow-orange, will break open and release seeds. The seeds may be
covered with an edible red sweet pulp.
Harvest bitter melon seeds, wash them to remove the residue, then dry them. Store seeds in a cool, dry place.
Remember, if you are growing different varieties of bitter melon
they can cross-pollinate with each other, which is great for land-based
gardening. Plant only one variety if you want to save bitter gourd seeds
from only that variety.

Indian Long Bitter Melon Seeds


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