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Hanging Bag Vertical Garden Planter

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Hanging Bag Vertical Garden Wall Plant Pot Flower Growing Living Vase Planter
– Breathable, water retaining felt materials very conducive to plant growth no matters indoor or outdoor.
– Eco-friendly and non toxic materials for safe, long term use.
– Provides easy vertical Garden Solution.
– Within a few feet of floor space with vertical gardening to provide you and your family with vegetables and herbs all year long!
– By eating food from the vertical garden kit at the time of harvesting, you may absorb many more nutrients than you absorb from store brought fruit and vegetables.
– Match several planters together for covering large wall areas.
– You can Move and change Plants at will.
– Perfect use for small or large yards, patios, schoolyards, apartments, balconies, community, rooftop gardens, terraces.
– Green plants release a lot of oxygen; purifying air, pleasant eye-touch.

✿ Name: Vertical Grow Bags
✿ Material: Non-woven fabric
✿ Pocket Size: Please read the picture carefully
✿ Pocket Bottom Shape: Flat
✿Color: Green/Black

The product came very well packaged.
I’m very happy. thank you for everything.
Seller strongly recommended.
This is great! I definitely recommend! Product looks amazing
Delivery was fast. Excellent seller, great communication. I advise everyone
Hanging Bag Vertical Garden Pl...


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