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500+ Heirloom Sugar Beet Seeds

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Tested & packed 1-15-2023, 91% Germ.
Hardy in zones 2-10. Not everyone knows that sugar beets are still used to make the granulated sugar that we buy at the grocery store. That’s why deer love sugar beets too! Sugar beets average approximately 15% sucrose by weight. That’s alot of sugar… 20% of the sugar in the world right now is made from beet root versus cane.
Eating these beets or making a syrup out of them would make for a quick energy boost. There are plenty of recipes online for making sugar out of sugar beets. Buy my sugar beet seeds and grow them today or save them in your freezer.
Sugar beets like alot of water… 

They take about 15 days to germinate.Other than heavy watering, sugar beets are easy to grow. Plant sugar beet seeds about 1½ inches deep then as they sprout, spread them further apart. When they are two inches in diameter, dig them up for use. Allowing them to grow bigger will reduce the sugar content. They can tolerate heavier soils as long as there is good drainage.

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500+ Heirloom Sugar Beet Seeds


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