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25+ Mixed Cactus Seeds

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Welcome you to Smartbuyforever! We are a leading Seeds provider for several years! We provide fresh and high-quality Heirlooms seeds, NON-GMO and organic seeds to home gardeners and other’s Growers! Our main offerings: Hundreds of heirloom, rare, beautiful flowers and Herbs and Vegetables seeds. Especially we provide hard to find Herb and flowers seeds!

Cacti (Cactus Seed Mix) mix succulent – Growing Cactus seeds is fun and rewarding! Cacti are known to be the ultimate succulent plants, and they add their own unique beauty, dimension and texture to the landscape without requiring much maintenance. Cacti plants are very undemanding perennials.

Sowing Instructions:

Sow cactus seeds by gently pressing them into the surface of the growing medium and lightly covering with a thin layer of growing medium. Cover pot with plastic wrap or enclose in resealable plastic bag or container. Place in a warm location that receives bright, indirect sunlight. Note: Too much direct sunlight while growing under plastic can create an intense greenhouse effect which can potentially kill your seedlings. Use a spray bottle to keep growing medium moist but not overwatered. Open plastic daily to inspect moisture levels and for signs of growth, and to allow for fresh airflow to your seeds.

Tip: Cacti germination is enhanced when temperatures are kept warm, between 70° and 80°F.

Plant care instructions:

Patience is key! Remove plastic once seeds germinate (1-3 months) and decrease watering frequency to allow surface of growing medium to dry out between waterings. Once seedlings develop tiny spines, water with plant fertilizer mixed at half-strength. Cacti are light feeders and only require a few feedings per growing season. Cacti grow very slowly and will not need transplanting for 2-3 years.

Grow with the flow! Air circulation is just as important as sunshine, water, and growing medium! Proper airflow helps plants develop strong growth all while keeping pests and fungal issues at bay.

No drainage? No problem. Easily add drainage by drilling a hole in the bottom-center of your planter. If the planter is plastic or metal, a standard ¼” drill bit will do the trick! If the planter is ceramic, you will need to use a masonry bit and water.

25+ Mixed Cactus Seeds


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