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25+ Chayote Squash Seeds

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Grow your own delicious and juicy squash with these Chayote Squash Seeds! With over 25 seeds included, you’ll be able to start a thriving squash garden right in your backyard. These seeds are perfect for anyone who loves fresh, homegrown produce.

These seeds are of the highest quality and sourced from the USA. They are perfect for planting in your yard, garden, or even in a pot on your balcony. With free shipping included, there’s no reason not to start your squash garden today!

Grow Your Own Squash from Seed!


1. Plant Seeds: Place seeds in small pots filled with potting soil, about half an inch deep. Cover lightly with soil.

2. Water: Keep soil moist but not waterlogged. Water gently whenever the top inch of soil feels dry.

3. Provide Warmth: Put pots in a warm, sunny spot indoors, like a windowsill.

4. Wait for Germination: It usually takes a few weeks. Once seedlings emerge, care for them until they’re ready for transplanting.

5. Transplant:
Move seedlings to larger pots or outdoors once they have several sets of true leaves.

6. Care: Water regularly and provide sunlight. Prune as needed for healthy growth.

Note: Growing squash from seed is simple and rewarding!

25+ Chayote Squash Seeds


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