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15+Cucumber Seeds Long

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15+ Cucumber Seeds Long Garden Sweet Slice Burpless
Hybrid Cucumber(Cucumis sativus)

This great slicing variety is especially
sweet, non-bitter, and nearly acid free (burpless)! This hybrid variety
long slender fruits 12-14″ long. 58 days to maturity.


The burpless cucumbers
do not take well to transplanting, so either start them early in peat pots or
plant them directly. Start them indoors about 2 weeks before frost, placing 3-4
Spacemaster cucumber seeds 1/2″ deep in the pot. Keep the air temperature
at least 80 degrees F. When two or three leaves appear on each plant, cut off
all but the strongest plant with a scissors. Before planting them,
“harden” the seedlings by setting them outside during the day. They
should be planted no sooner than a week after the last spring frost, when the
air temperatures consistently average 65-75 degrees F. For planting them in a
hill, place three seedlings or 7-8 seeds in each hill; space hills 4-5′ apart.
If rows are preferrable, plant seedlings 1′ apart or place 5 seeds within 1′
and later thin them. Cucumbers love heat and cannot endure even a light frost;
if cold temperatures threaten, cover the seedlings. For companion planting benefits, consider planting several radishes
with cucumbers – this seems to repel damaging cucumber beetles. However,
cucumbers do not like being planted near potatoes or aromatic herbs.


Moisture is the key to
growing excellent cucumbers; keep the soil consistently moist. When the vines
have developed, apply mulch or straw to conserve moisture and control weeds.
Watch out for cucumber beetles, and remove them immediately to prevent damage.


These slender, dark
green cucumbers reaches a length of 12-14 inches and work very well for
slicing. When the blossom end of the cucumber begins to turn yellow, this
indicates that the cucumber has passed its prime. Cucumbers store very well in
the refrigerator.

15+Cucumber Seeds Long


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