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15+ Loofah Luffa Sponge Heirloom Seeds

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 harvested from my   2023 plants
This is off my own personal loofah plants and harvested by me💕. 
these come from heirloom  NON GMO seeds. No chemicals used to grow these at my home .
this listing is for 15+ plus seeds.

Loofahs are vining plants. so grow on a trellis or fence.
They love the warmth and dye usually in winter when a freeze occurs. so you harvest your loofahs and save some seeds for next years supply. 
I start my seeds in early spring. I first soak them for 24 hours. ( helps speeds up germination time frame )
you can then place in soil or leave within a wet napkin for a few days until they start sprouting then place in soil. This helps speeds up germination time frame. 
MOST IMPORTANT– these can be shocked during transplant and dye. so place seeds in a large enough pot so when you transplant YOU DO NOT disturb the soil. give plenty of water and fertilize often.
Easy, heavy-bearing, carefree vines, these gourds can reach anywhere from 6 inches to 2½ feet long, and about 4 to 7 inches in diameter. They ripen to dark green in late summer, and should be left on the vine until the skin begins to shrivel. When this occurs, harvest them and peel the skin away, revealing the porous, dense network of tan-colored matter within. They will be full of seeds; just cut the gourd to desired size and shake out the seeds. sometimes you need to hang these so they can dry . They’re ready to use!

 No processing to make this organic, natural sponge. YES these gourdes are edible as well. when aprox 6 inches you can cut these off vine and make soup. 
  ready for your next bath , shower , soap project or use as a sponge to wash dishes. So many uses

Luffa fiber is a green renewable resource with many uses.

When fully matured the gourd become a tough mass of fiber that makes a great scrubbing sponge.

Loofahs are most excellent in the bath or shower. The exfoliating action leaves your skin feeling the cleanest and tightest it could possibly be.

The luffa plant, a relative of the cucumber, produces large gourds that leave a durable network of fibers after  drying the gourd. The Luffa Sponge is a mildly abrasive scrubber that exfoliates your skin ( perfect for face or body)and enhances surface circulation. Unlike harshly abrasive scrubbers and sponges, a loofah’s firm but elastic fibers are round in cross section and are less likely to scratch skin. Allow to dry in between use and replace when needed. Long lasting natural alternative to bath sponges

– It lathers very well with natural soap and you will get a gentle exfoliation.

one of my statements is ” once you go natural loofah you never go back “😂
natural loofah keeps you away from toxic chemicals which may be in your processed sponge  
 some of my loofahs grow to be around 12-26+ inch total in length

If you have any questions please email me.
I only ship Monday – Friday 
I normally ship first thing in the morning. Closed on holidays
seeds also for sale in separate listing

these are mailed USPS with first class mail NO tracking number provided

15+ Loofah Luffa Sponge Heirlo...


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